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Credit Restoration

Our mission here at Fix Credit is to offer you personalized credit solutions to benefit your credit needs. We have helpful solutions ranking number one in America from credit report repair, debt counseling and settlement services.

Credit Restoration

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Receive Guanrteed Proven Results or NO Charge

Credit Approval

Over 70% of all credit reports contain errors that drag scores  down. Federal Law requires that credit bureaus remove all information that is misleading, inaccurate or that they cannot verify at your request. It's your legal right to fix and repair your credit reports.

Credit Approval

Educational Credit CBT's
Get Educated CD's, Successful Credit Restoration

Credit Education Knowledge is Power!

Getting the facts straight about credit restoration and the credit industry as a whole can be a daunting task. There is a lot of misinformation about credit and many people are under the impression that there is nothing they can do to fix their credit score.
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